What are you listening to?



Cued to one of the most awesome versions of “eye’s.”


THE Best Version IMHO


Love this song @Screwauger


Ok so I’m a little late but been stuck on copperhead road by Steve Earle


I love the Pickin’ On Series







Brother, out of all the amazing pieces of artistry that Zappa has put out… Black napkins is my favorite. Hands down. Did you know Frank was a ambassador for the American/Russian embassy?


Currently listening to Ashbury park by king crimson. I don’t know how to upload videos. Kinda funny though. I plan on eating a few grams of p. Cubensis tonight and trying to determine what music will guide me. Any suggestions? Rock and roll only.


I did not know that. From age 16 to age 36 I was a Zappa and Mothers and Ucle Beefhart guru. @Stoneythetiger420


I’d only go for the dead if I were you…


Pink Floyd’s ummagumma won. Then followed by some live primus. It was a good night all in all. I took the paint brushes and painted untill I couldn’t follow/chase lines anymore

next weekend I plan on finishing the painting


@Screwauger that Zappa is so good! Thank you for posting that.


My pleasure @GetbackJoJo glad you liked it!


Rosin press in the foreground @Stoneythetiger420 ?


Lmao. No. She’d kill me. I blast with butane, and vacuum purge. Really clean. Home made vacuum chamber