What are you listening to?



Hope the link copies over. Digging this one from a lady that’s been around a while.


In my happy space (my attic that is my grown room) it’s actualy finished but dang watch out for those low celings /\ :tired_face:


Good morning @Screwauger :v:t3: Thanks for the like and have a good day!


Hey there @Fairieswear8oots Thanks very much and hope you had a good day also.

I am enjoying this tune while I “tune” up after work and before I p/u my girlfriend from her work.




I do love bluegrass :heart:️ Nice selection for winding down the work day! Thanks!


The “Pickin On” series is excellent @Fairieswear8oots


Tuned in to my Steele Drivers (Pandora) station for the ride home and this little gem came on


Awesome tune!!!




I have a good friend who loves this genre @garrigan65 and we get alot of mileage out of razzing each other.

This is where we differ, I can listen to 5FDP and enjoy aspects of the music but he cannot tolerate my favorite genre’s so in the end, I tell him I have the more sophisticated ear!

I have always had an open mind to all music and yes, my first ever rock concert was KISS


my first concert was the doobie brothers,jim dandy/black oak and three dog night…open field venue…lol
there were a lot of firsts that day/ night!! lol
they named the show strawberry jam, in bald knob,AR
our own little woodstock!


I love love love RZ❤️❤️


@BIGE that’s so cool! My first concert was the Doobies as well!!


Happy ILGM Anniversary @GetbackJoJo


Very nice. I woulda been there for sure.
As luck would have it, my ex wife grew up in a town with two dudes who were in Blue Oyster Cult. In my teen years and into my early twenties, those two dudes helped organize and promote the Thousand Island Music Festivals 1 - 4 if I recall correctly.

Wow, talk about your own little woodstock. Huge farmers field. No roads nor rhyme or reason to how camping was determined so once in the gate, just a maze of parties! Made the mushrooms that much more confusing. I just found a chev van down by the stage that was selling bags and set up camp right there!! I can’t even remember all of the bands but each year, on Saturday night, BOC members would arrive by helocopter and land right beside the stage and bam, party started.

Here’s one years set list and damn, I don’t even remember seeing NRPS hahaha shrooms from cali…



sweeeeeeeet man!!