What are you listening to?


Okay, that version was really good. I think this one’s better but I’m in a rut, have had this tune playing all day! @Countryboyjvd1971


Get’s my old bones movin’


Woohoo a Greatful Dead thread hahaha
Love the videos brother
Miss Jerry and his sweet sounds voice


I’m in the middle of a 3 month cirius satellite trial. My SUV is tuned to the GD channel and I heard this version on my way home from dropping my GF at work.

Couldn’t wait to get home and crank it on my PC…

I found the entire concert on YT so ripping that to mp3 as we speak…to the iPhone Batman.


Nice brother yeah i had XM radio for years loved the GD channel maybe its time to get it back
Woohoo and finding the concert bro that’s awesome



Heres one for you @Screwauger
Happy Friday my brother


I love that song @Countryboyjvd1971 thanks Man!!



Toxicity by System of a Down. My favorite band :smiley:


The Best version ever (could easily listen to 20 minutes more of the prelude)


Have a Greatful Day my friends and as Jerry sang
Don’t lend no hand to raise a flag
a top a ship of fools


Have a good on @Countryboyjvd1971 Great Tune Brother.


I know, I know… I have a one track mind musically but let me tell you, this concert rocks. Any genre you like can be found and what’s his name, John Mayer, does a fantastic job on so many tunes. Shiver me timbers I like this


Can’t go wrong with fusion Miles!


One of the tunes I used to listen to when I was 13 that got me into eclectic music styles! @hoosierdaddy



The last time I seen them


Played two days two different sets it was so sweet what I remember Lots of psychedelics


I had kids starting in 85. My last concert was 84 SPAC in NY. Was a Great Show. I only saw them 15 times but luckily 8 of those were “following” the band and I saw several two day shows on that trip. Epic to say the least.

I always had to fight going to take a leak. I inevitably got caught up in all the chicks dancing and had a habit of losing my buddies and my seat.