What are you listening to?





@Countryboyjvd1971 Sweetest Rendition on my playlist


@Screwauger is that the same ELF that Ronnie James Dio was in? Or am I missing the mark?


Same indeed!! @Neckred


Thanks I thought so although I just found that out a few years ago…every great once in a while I’ll hear one of their songs on satellite radio


Sums up MY day!!!


Early 1aafnimagest



Quite a version…


@Screwauger thanks fir putting a smile on my face this morning thats a great version
I misss Jerry Brother :+1: :v:️ John


I thought my friends in school were silly when they cried over Roberto Clemente’s death. Then Frank Zappa died, then Jerry Garcia died. Not silly, just passionate!! Enjoy your day John @Countryboyjvd1971


Yeah man i felt the same way once lol
I’m working today but I’ll enjoy it as much as possible
You have a great day as well brother :v:



My all time Favorite Tune and this is an awesome version @Countryboyjvd1971


One of my favs also and a great version
Look how young they where brother lol
Thanks for putting a smile on my face today @Screwauger :cowboy_hat_face:


I’ll tell you where the four winds dwell
In Franklin’s tower there hangs a bell
It can ring, turn night to day
It can ring like fire if you lose your way…
If you get confused listen to the music play


Your in a good mood this morning sir hahha
I have about 20 hour of live dead on my phone i just have play in a loop while im in train gor 90 min each way it the only way to travel for me brother :wink:


Hahaha I just looked at my itunes, lol I have 18.9 days worth of Dead and associates on my phone hahah

Solid, gone. That’s what I am CB

I’ve heard people say “him and his F’g music” before and wear it as a proud badge, my love for most kinds of music. I can get behind most tunage but I won’t even attempt opera. lol Have a good one Brother, I’m heading to the office.


Nice brother :v:️ Enjoy the tunes