What are you listening to?


If I knew how to put pics here,lol,I’d show ya my Washburn camo Dimebag…anyway,the kids can play!..and the singer has some good pipes…Being a Texan ,we can’t get enough PANTERA either!


The PANTERA was in reference to the video you showed @Hogmaster… maybe those kids could learn 5 min alone…yea…lol


I always found this guy to be a fantastic drummer and percussionist.
We got what we thought were really crap seats for The Police in 1983 at the Providence Civic Center on my friend Tom’s 18th birthday.
We saw the backsides of Sting and Andy Summers but had a perfect view of Stewart Copeland who really impressed me. The opening act was Bow Wow Wow, which was the real reason I wanted to go (thank you Malcolm McLaren) and they got booed through most of their set even though I thought they were dynamite. Most of the kids were there to hear the Police perform their hits, not some fringe group that sounded so unusual. They got minor airplay with their remake of the 1965 hit song I Want Candy, but their overall sound and repertoire was much less poppy.

I tend to disagree with his assessment of Jazz but whatever. it’s more like 60/40 lol


Wow. Talking about tripping in Morning Garden yesterday and now conjuring up this McLaren gem from that same era is just kismet.
So it’s no wonder my musical tastes are all over the map.

I find it really funny this record was responsible for introducing hip hop to a lot of kids. I never embraced it and do not enjoy what it’s become since, but I use some of the FX (scratch, repeater, sample) I first heard here in my own compositions.

Not even going to say how “coincidental” it is that Paul Simon released Graceland 3 years later and it won a Grammy the following year. wait I just didn’t… :rofl:


Then you would like “the art of noise”


I vaguely recall them doing a cover of Peter Gunn or something. Trevor Horn and company.
To his discredit, McLaren was the great manipulator, but to his credit, he was an innovator so much of punk style (UK) and basically fabricated the term punk rock. His crowning achievement to me was and will always be as the creator of the Sex Pistols.


You would like them they are weird and eclectic and we’re doing things far before they were the norm.

Ah yes Malcom mclaren and PIL


normally, i’m all about country, which is strange, seeing as I listened to mainly acid rock, heavy metal, punk and new wave when I was a kid. (came from a small city in Ohio, not much of a country scene back then). But there is one song that doesn’t fit any of those categories that has been in my head lately https://youtu.be/UclCCFNG9q4


ok, gotta click the link


loved the Police and Bow Wow Wow. Saw Billy Idol back in 83 or 84, that was a great cocaine driven performance, lol!


One of the things I love doing is putting on my headphones and going to YouTube. I’ll start on something I want to hear and then who knows where I’ll end up, especially if I have sampled some of my WWA (like I have tonight). Stoned and a cold beer, headphones, and quality digital rock-n-roll, does it get any better?


Doing that right now but I have my speakers just rocking the basement

Pretty sure @Willd could cover this




If you haven’t, you should. I highly recommend for you!!



Prompted to the solo… awesome IMO