What are you listening to?


I have an addictive personality and currently, Jerry & Merl are my thing


Right this very minute I am listening to


Nice. Have not heard that tune in quite a few years! Thanks.


Hey @Screwauger How do you get the YouTube link to show the preview on here rather than people having to physically click the hyperlink?


After you type your text hit enter a couple times and paste the YT link on it’s own line!!


Never gets old for me


At this very moment, I am jammin to some Maiden…

Don’t get me wrong, I like the slower stuff to, as well as the faster stuff. All depends on the mood I guess.


I truly can enjoy any music from country rock to heavy metal to Zappa to the Dead. Partial to jazz but as stated I love it all except opera. I used to only listen to classical music in my truck…that will turn some heads but Beethoven rocks!!

Since my early teens (56 now) I really do not like a day without music. YT has been very good to me because I lost all of my music in a bitter divorce and YT has helped my refill my playlist with 3500 of my must haves. Smart phones, clouds, bluetooth speakers…legal weed. Somebody pinch me cause I think I might be in Heaven.


If I’m awake, I’m in the mood for Iron Maiden!



as much as I like the original, I like the remake more…


So now that I am listening to this it will show?


I love Simon and Garfunkel but I love this version so much better. David Draiman’s voice is so full of emotion!


Hopefully this posted correctly. This is my latest jam. Greta Van Fleet. These guys are just kids 19 and 20 years old.



NOw that’s not in my playlist, yet!


I don’t really listen to music but I’m a musician and when I’m searching for a song for a purpose that’s mostly when I listen to music like when I’m making it or mixing/post producing it. I keep the car silent when I driv most of the time. But after a trip by myself, anything longer than 12 hours and I need to hear something.


No musical talent here and I am really not much into lyrics. My ex always had a song for every purpose because the lyrics “spoke to her.” Spare me! I like talented musicians and my preference is for strings which is why I have been on a New Grass kick of late. Jazz or a musicians ability to “take the melody out for a stroll” and really improvise is what I guess my tastes are.

I grew up with a Dad who loved the Big Band sound and all things wind (Pete Fountain, Dizzy Gillespie, etc) and I started there, loved all those old bands. Then Steely Dan, Chicago, Mother’s of Invention, Zappa…

PS This tangie hash oil makes just about any music an experience!!!