What are these white individual strands or ‘hairs?

Its mainly in the middle of the bud… like spider web individual strands or ‘hairs’ … I just want to make sure it’s not mould because I’ve just spent 1 year recovering from mold toxicity


Did you grow this ? Any spider mites during your grow? Any pets in the house?

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Looks like polyester pillow stuffing. Try burning some on something hot enough to smoke, then take a whiff, if it smells like plastic, you’ll know what it is.


I didnt grow this, a friend of a friend did, in his garden outside with his tomatoes.
The thing that’s strange is it’s mostly in the middle of the bud when you pull it apart, not around the outside. Its soft like spider web.
I think there is a type of mold that grows similar to this but not sure if that’s what it is…

That’s a great idea! It’s super fine and flimsy like web but I’ll see if I can. How that would get in the middle of the bud and not on the outside of it baffles me though

Could have been there before the formation of the bud, and the bud grew around it. it’s kinda like the proverbial question, what came first, the chicken or the egg?


It could have been lint that got deposited on a (sticky) flower and as the bud progressed it grew around it. It does not look like mold to me but I’m no expert.


It looks like hair to me. Probably got stuck in the buds or the bud fell on the ground. At least that what it looks like IMO


Looks like hair or artificial fibers. Doesn’t look like mold. Mold fibers would probably break/crumble/smear in your fingers.

I get hair in my buds. I have hair. My animals have hair. That stuff is pernicious.


Dog hair is a condiment around here haha


Maybe a deer came by to take a look and left some hair behind on the sticky flowers :deer::seedling:

Or this

I ran into this on a much larger scale on an outside grow. I wish I had taken a picture but didn’t. It was a plant that I was unable to check on it for a while and we had a great deal of rain during that time. When I finally got to them the plant had long aprx 12" long white strands. I removed them dried that plant separate. Once dried it also had similar “hairs” in/on the buds.
I’d also like to know what that was.

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Those are trichomes… They grow on various plants including the Tomatoe…