What are these two plants

I bought a 5-pack of white widow auto flowering seeds and 3 are the same, but 2 are different.

They should be the same , all my seed look different sizes and color alil different

I included a pic of each in another post. They are about 4-5 weeks old


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Is that coco , that thing dries like crazy , now in the sun :sun_with_face:, how many times you water a day ?

@BROWNBELL what makes you think they aren’t White Widow?

They look so different

The 1st pic has multiple “branches” that extend out much further than the other, plus it has several rounded leaves. Nothing like the other. Just trying to see what the 1st pic is. I’ve grown 2 white widows before. That’s pic #2. #1 I’ve never seen before. Although, it is a weed plant. haha

Prune any leaves off ? They don’t grow back

The problem here is the peat pellets. The roots are trapped in the netting and the plant is secluded to a small root zone. Need to rip the net of the peat pods before transplant. I foind this out first grow as all the root zones were confined to the peat pods with just minimal that broke out and stretched. Dont use the pods ise solo cups and u will see a massive difference in growth


Makes sense. I thought when I transplanted that they were pot bound in the little peat thing! I use the pot to pot grow kit. Shoot, good to know. I’m guessing it’s too late 4-5 weeks in to a grow. Haha.

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Sometimes they grow straight up!! WW

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I use peat pellets also. But before I put them in the soil I cut about 5 slits down around the pellet with a razor blade. If I’m planting seeds. Little easier access for the roots. If I’m taking a clone I use a peat pellet without making slits and the Roots come right through. Good luck happy growing

Yeah. Learned the hard way. I did get a small shovel underneath the pellet today, and pulled it up. Man, it was bad. Cut the bottom out of the pellet, and replanted. I don’t know how they are going to turn out (or if they’ll turn out). They’re auto-flowers, and my guess is they are 3 weeks behind where they should be. They got the makings of a bud on top, but. I don’t know if that may be it. Anyway, I fixed 3 of the plants. The other 2 had a better root system, and are bigger. We’ll see. Thanks

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