What are these random spots?

Not sure if the is a disease or something I need to worry about? The plant is Bruce Banner, then the others are 2 Black Widow, and 2 Skywalker OG… the other plants all look fine!


Those are pretty old fan leaves; I don’t see anything to worry about. It’s possible some liquid got spilled or dripped on the leaves which will often cause this.


Ya I think those plants look good

I seem to have a similar issue that I’m trying to get to the bottom of. I made a post about it in trouble shooting and haven’t solved the issue yet. I never spilled any nutrients on the areas. I guess I’m going to power through it since I’m starting week 7 of flower on a 10 week strain.

Bend the bud where it appears to have the issue. If it looks greyish, and hollow, its probably bud rot. Ive managed to cut infected buds areas off, and occaisionally salvage most of the cola.
Good luck

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