What are these pods?

Welcome to the forum. Those are pollen sacs on a male plant.


Welcome to the forum and sorry to inform you a male has infiltrated your grow space! :open_mouth:

It was supposed to be a feminized plant. It showed itself to be female. Soooo, this is worthless?

One plant in a closet.

Yes, unless you are trying to produce seeds. I would remove it from any near female plants.

I wouldn’t keep it but idk what else to do with a male plant besides make seeds?

If you don’t mind me asking where did you buy these seeds?

Had in closet for a couple of years, somewhere overseas.

What else?

Cover it with a trash bag before you move it away from your other plants and then change your clothes before going back around other plants….treat it as if you’re a doctor doing surgery…sterilization is key

Oh well dang man. Hopefully you have more to try. If your unsure if feminized id do 2 instead of 1 next time in case 1 is a male you usually figure 50% chance male or female

Or start learning about hemp and grow it out and start your hemp shoe making journey :wink:


Thanks the suggestion :rofl:

Manijuana right there boys and girls