What are these on my clones

Hi there everyone could someone tell me what these are because I’m thinking they are male pre flowers they are clones that I’ve taken and had them in veg. Thanks in advance.

They’re calyxes. Female flowers. Buds are made of lots of stacked calyxes.

If it’s a cloned female plant, it’ll be female, unless you stress it into hermying.


@blackthumbbetty I don’t think I’ve stressed them I’ve just had that sat under led light on 18 hours i will put them back in then thanks.

You’re monster cropping? Just remember, they’re going to look a bit strange for a few weeks, until they’re fully revegged and properly regrowing.

Those are calyxes. I didn’t say you stressed it. I was just letting you know that unless you stressed it, the plant will be fully female. That’s how cloning works.


@blackthumbbetty thanks ever so much that’s what I love about this forum if ever your in need of answers there’s always someone there to help.
Thanks again