What Are These Leaves Telling Me?

Greetings ILGM.

I planted 3 Super Lemon Haze Autos outdoors about 4 weeks ago. 2 are looking green and happy, while one has been showing yellowing leaves from the outset. I keep hoping she will grow out of it, but the leaves continue to yellow a tier or so from the top.

This is my second grow and I’m trying to learn as I go. I am using Natures Living Super Soil concentrate and Fox Farms potting soil.

I am tagging @yoshi because he has been super helpful to date :pray:, but welcome insight from all members.


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I’m using the same super soil. Although our issues are different, I’ve found the company (natures living soil) to be very responsive. Maybe reach out to them?


The discoloration is telling you they are hungry and need more nitrogen , are you adding anything to your ph water regiment ? 3% - say maybe a good 10% she will perk up and get her green color back .
I’m am not the expert my friend , I just love reading and information , just a bored , struggling , stress to the max , ex - preacher that going through a very tough time in life , due to multiple surgeries and the pain has just been very unforgiving . It’s much more better professional cultivators here than I , Plus I’m not one of the favorable guys here , so mentioning me can be a two edge sword . I am self taught from making millions of mistakes , cause back than when I started , you either learned it on your own , are you paid top dollar for information, it was not this back than . So trial and error my friend is how I’ve learned the little I do know , but it’s quite a few of super real talented smart guys here when it comes to growing .
What I can say is this @mattg74 , you will do very very well , I can tell you have the patients. Are you familiar with the N.P.K. ratio yet ? If you have not given the plant any calcium yet or magnesium yet with a Lil iron , than now it’s time to do so , but no more nitrogen than 5-10% to be safe to see how she responds , are in simple terms 5mls of grow with 5mls of calmag are 15mls of molasses will help , but read :books: and try to master those N.P.K. ratios going in and coming out in the right range. The tricks to it is this , Your soil may have microbes and all kinds of organic life in it which will give that medium a certain plant ph range for optimum nutrient uptake , and your job is to configure the math :abacus: in liquid to dry ratios and how much the medium will buffer the liquid going in so the plant root system can process it .
Read up on how a plant eats , breaks down the enzymes to become liquid food and by understanding more of what’s goes on underneath the dirt in the root system , that science will make you over all efforts and work that much more easier cause than you Starr to only do the least and let the plants do the most , and if you put the right ratios in the dirt , it’s as easy a putting a wiener on a apple pie :pie: to create the Apple Sweet Dog !


@mattg74 are they in pre-flower ? That is pistils foaming up right , Lil white stringy hairs looking , if so than your need a Lil nitrogen but also some bloom as well , What has been your feeding up to this point ?


If they are starting to pre-flower, now is the time to reduce N. Since it’s outdoors you can test your soil pH by doing a soil slurry test to be sure that is not the reason for lack of N uptake. Also make sure to check closely for bugs… I had two spotted mites on mine and some of the leaves were yellowing and falling off but only a few… sure enough I found the dang things!

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