What are these good or bad

Anyone know what this is

Does it taste sweet or sour ?

Cuz the sweet ones are good on a salad…

Sorry for the joke. I have no clue but I did make myself lol a bit. Wow I’m losing it !!!

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Not sure what type of caterpillar but I’d kill it if it was on my plant.
They are usually leaf eaters or worse they can burrow into formed buds.


That’s where I found them in between buds

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My thoughts on the matter 4 years ago… That’s a Northern Lights leaf.

If you found one I guarantee there are more. They burrow into your flower and the first you know it the cola dies.

Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew!


I’d start a spray program to eradicate the lil buggers.

There’s a pic of the dead bug brew.



@Bow4Buck may be able to help. It may be an True Armyworm

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The only good bug In my honest opinion is a ladybug, and mantis. I’ll kill everything else given the chance. Those are regular ole caterpillars, looks like the same ones that love to decimate corn crops and the like. Use the dead bug brew as suggested , and as directed.


Safe to spray on buds ?

I figure, indoors, if I didnt put that critter there on purpose… its dead…


Army worms are usually green. Got a logo over it but I’m about 99.9% sure it’s a cut worm. Still not good wanna get rid of them quick. Very common in tomatoes. MONTEREY BT…

EDIT: Sh!t I was looking at wrong pic, shouldn’t smoke and play on here. Still a cut worm.

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might be a tent caterpillar

On another bug note, actually got on here for help with my bug problem. I know alot of insects due to my work but havnt seen this one before.

2 rounds in 2 days of Dead Bug Brew hasnt touched these guys. Looks like some kind of beetle, if ya go after them they fly. Not much bigger than a fat weed seed.

Your caterpillar is a tent worm that’s what we call them in my part of the country very destructive the brown guy no idea.

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