What are these critters?

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Found these wormy things crawling through all my outdoor plants. What are they?

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Wormy things aren’t good. Captain Jack’s Dead Bug…




That is a bad bug and can wipe out your entire plant. It’s some kind of caterpillar I would get your bug spray of choice and drown those bastards

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Bad bug. Smash it!!


For caterpillars, use Monterey BTi!!!

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He’s prolly higher an a kite.


Check the plants carefully and inspect every day… like I said Use BTi.

They can bore into the buds and cause bud rot sites.

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Love all the purple coming out in your buds.
oh wait, never mind


Run!!! Lol …


looks like a scene from tremors :rofl: i hate those pillars. kill them all.

@not.a.govt.tool take @oldmarine’s advice and get some CJDB and I would be quick about it. There are probably many eggs all over your plants with a 'pillar that size. You can get destroyed in a couple days.

Dude I know it’s not a good thing but that pillar looks cool asf. That would be a sweet pic to have a purple pillar on a purple bud for a pic. Lol. Looks like a long ass frosty purple calyx lol. Safer caterpillar killer

@Myfriendis410 will cjdb work on pillars

I think a product that uses BtK like @Caligurl suggested. I like ‘Safer Caterpillar Killer’ myself but both use the same bacillus for active ingredient. I would also strongly suggest getting horticulture screen bags and covering your plants. You will be finding dead caterpillars inside your flower and as stated they destroy your crop by carrying in mold which causes bud rot.


I notice that the active ingredient in Cap Jack DB is Spinosad.

Sounds like you recommend Bacillus Thuringiensis over that, right?

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Only downside to Bt is that it stinks to high heaven. But it’s effective if you keep up with it.

That’s what my wife says about my plants.

I actually take it as a compliment that she says the weed I grow is the strongest smell of any I have smoked in 35 years being married to her. :thinking:

Pretty sure she’s smelled some of the best strains… :rofl:

How long does the smell last from Bt?

I had some organic stuff I got from the Soil King, but don’t have the container anymore, so not sure what it was. I need to get some for next year, so will get either CJDB or Monterey BTi, I can get either of those at Home Depot.

BtK appears to work better on caterpillars than Spinosad. That’s why I recommended that.

Ok, that’s what I wanted to know. I will get the BTi. I have a year to get it… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Captain Jack’s seems to do well with mites, FYI.