What are these brown splotches?

Put Epson salt in with your flush and when you water. It will help break down though heavy salts and make it easier on the plant to start it’s uptake of nutrient when you start back up but not till you see a big improvement in the leaves yes you will see the leaves turning back to green. That’s when you know you’ve got it under control

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Nope they. sure can’t become rootbound if you continue cutting the roots as they push for growth space that’s for sure. Grandma had access to fabric pots but would never have used them. She used clay pots which is by far the most
natural pot to use for growing anything. I use solid containers and it’s possible for roots to grow thru bottom of container is too small or if I leave water standing In runoff pan continuously but I would never cut them knowing the root I just cut is going
to stunt that part of the plant it was feeding. How does that equate to bigger healthy plants ? My gma had more sense than to cut any roots knowing that if ya cut the roots ya cut the growth of the plant there’s no denying that on facts bro Cutting the very
things that feed the plant how can that be healthy? I do some drip rings but in soil and never a pot that my roots can grow through and be exposed to light. The facts remain the same if we cut the roots we cut the growth of the plant if the roots become bound
then everything about that plant is going to go wrong. It’s really a simple concept of every Gardner and it’s true for almost every type of grow

I have had same problem with couple of white widows. I used Epsom salt one time on one plant and it didnt work. I used it every watering on different widow with same issue and it DID work.
I’m smoking her right now. She doesnt have that issue anymore.

My pH keeps dropping and my TDS keeps rising even tho I’m just giving them RO + Epsom for several waterings now, all with no less than 10% runoff. And I’m pH upping the water all the way up to 8.8 sometimes. Runoff was low 5’s and 1750 ppm today, one was actually high 4’s pH. The 2 plants with the browning are getting much worse, those leaves are crispy now. Bottom fan leaves still look OK and the tops still haven’t gone completely brown but it is ‘rising’. The other two plants still don’t have it altho 1 of them appears to be starting.

I’m trying to flush now but 3x each pot size is 60 gallons of water. That’s a lot of trips to the grocery store. Somebody please tell me I can flush with tap water…but only if that is actually true. I could easily pull them out and suspend them over a toilet if I can use tapwater.

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I don’t know who told you that you couldn’t use tap water.
You can use tap water just ph it to where you want it and flush your plants with it.
I’m going to do some research for you and i’ll be getting back with you later today.


Summary: What You Need to Remember About pH & Growing Cannabis

1.) Always test the pH of water you give your plants (it takes under 5 minutes).
Testing – you can use digital pens or a pH Test Kit with drops or strips
Get a bottle of pH Up & pH Down – these magical bottles of fluid give you a way to adjust the pH up or down quickly and with precision

2.) If you are using nutrients and still seeing nutrient deficiencies, the first thing to do is check is the pH, since the wrong pH can prevent plants from absorbing nutrients effectively

3.) You may need to flush plants with extra water if the pH is way out of whack

4.) Add all your nutrients and supplements before testing/adjusting pH. Many nutrients/supplements can change the pH of your water. Make sure to add everything to your water before you attempt to test or adjust the pH.

5.) It’s okay/good to let pH drift up & down as long as it stays in the right range – Soil pH should be between 6.0 – 7.0. Hydroponics pH should be between 5.5 – 6.5

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Thank you! There are some that say tapwater is not ideal because of the chlorine/chloramines. So that’s why I haven’t been using it. I actually have really good tapwater, TDS from the faucet is only 38-40 ppm and pH is close to neutral. This will make it all much easier.

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Any help on what’s going on with these leaves? 3rd week of flowering. Water is always PH at 6.5. Temps at 80 humidity is at 50 and I also I have CO2 going. I’m using FF trio and they are wanting more then what’s listen on the schedule so I give them a quarter more with feeding and then my next water I hit them with molasses and a little Calmag… Just want to prevent anything from getting worse if it’s an issue. Slight brown spots that are forming on veins and edges…

If you say they are wanting more
Look into Beastie Bloomz …I’m not an expert but some P/K issues start in the center of the leaf and some start at the edges …
3rd week of flower I think most will agree it needs more P/K than just the trio alone has in it …

You can get a trio open sesame …prob too late
Beastie bloomz …definitely not too late …
And cha Ching which is used in the last few weeks of flower …

Maybe others will disagree and you shouldn’t take my advice it’s just more of an opinion …

I have a grow going in less than a 5 gallon pot outdoors …it’s actually 2 plants in that same pot

Complete moron noob
Used MG performance organics in ground soil with a mix of pearlite ,vermiculite ,peat moss
Pretty much goes against everything I’ve read …
It’s definitely root bound but I’m letting it finish in there
I’m 5 weeks in …I just check the ppm and ph which have never been out of range yet

Maybe I’m just lucky

Here’s another
Seems pretty happy and healthy to me

I’m totally stumped in why I don’t have many issues …it’s like I’m waiting

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@Lacewing My fault I should have been more clear so I am using the FF trio with the open sesame and beastie bloom and cha ching. I’m currently on the trio with the beastie blooms and I’ve been giving it a quarter more then what’s listed on the schedule as they have been taking it up no problem. So I feed with the trio and beastie blooms with a quarter more of each then what’s listed then 2 days later I use Sweet Raw a little Calmag and 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses then back to the trio and beastie blooms 2 days later…

@Lacewing I just can’t figure out what’s causing that to happen to the leaves and as you can see its just slightly happening but I want to catch it now and prevent it from being a bigger issue later if you feel me… Other then that they are blowing up nice I counted 105 tops…

Ahh my bad …I thought maybe you were unaware of the water soluble ones !!

Crazy I’m kind of easy on them …and I have some painted nails lol

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