What are the spots on the leaves

What are these spots ? Why are they drooping? 2 months old inside grow auto water 18-6 light auto

The spotting looks genetic.

If you are in soil the drooping may be caused by your watering method. Cannabis prefers wet/dry cycles. If it drips daily it is probably over-watered.

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Looks like they are ready for a bigger home/pot is probably getting root bound…if an Auto can use a 3 gallon size pot or 5 gal up to you.
Using a fabric pot instead of solid plastic will help a lot with the grow

Is that first pic really from December 31st? In Chicago lol

You don’t want to leave that soil meter in there all the time it will get ruined.

Could be from stuff you mixed with the water as it’s only on one side big top leaf and the little one just below it?

Potting up with quality cannabis friendly fresh soil usually rectifies any issues.

Could also be Variegation … genetics discoloring of some parts of some leaves and if that is what it is no worries
That smaller lower leaf is something else as it looks about dead…