What are the red vains in my plant

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Significant red or purple in the stems and in the veins of leaves might be just genetics, however, if any other signs of nutrient deficiencies are present, like the spots or freckles showing on some, and on the other leaves – points to just that, a deficiency, often a cal-mag deficiency.

Keep in mind, this particular deficiency is often related to a pH that is out of the ideal range. This can also happen with coco-coir, coco-coir needs to have extra added to prevent this if growing in a media that is mostly comprised of coco.



Sorry @Centralgrow I am unable to answer unles you are talking about red stems (this thread) or start your own topic

Yes my head band has purple or reddish stem’s on the leafs and how would I start my own conversation have been trying I could use help on some questions

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Go back to the main page there is a topic called “how to start a topic” I think since you are new you cannot for a short time but that will end soon.

Besides genetics, and mag deficiency that has already been noted, I just read where some growers lower the temp before harvesting trying to bring some red/purple color to their bud. Maybe someone else can comment more on it, as it is interesting, and I just thought it was worth mentioning.

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It is a cal mag deficiency. Buy salt of the earth. Put a 1/4 cup of Epsom salt on the top of yor soil and water it to your ph balance. The purple might not go away but you will see an rapid growth you know it is fixing its self.