What Are the Going Prices these days?


Never have had that as a thought. But i will be thinking about that very closely for sure


People still buying weed? LMAO. Never again. Massachusetts rocks!!!


It’s been about 20 years since I bought weed. I would always buy a QP for $375-475 and was always for my own stash !! I wouldn’t have a clue as to where I could get some …Thta and wanting complete privacy is the primary reason I’m growing !!!


Seriously you should why not do something you love and get paid? I know that this forum is here to help and it does very well but some people have to have it shown too them in person or they just don’t get it.


ilgm consulting. growers hire ilgm, they send us out. and we share questions we have about how to help the grower. the whole forum grows in knowledge, influence, $$$.

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trademark that sh!t. what do you think @garrigan65

can i get a like? :heart_eyes:


I know in central indiana we pay anywhere from 200 to 300 depending on quality. Itsstill 40 a 1/8 and 75 a quarter


California here. I have a couple of pounds of decent homegrown I’d give away, because we have an 8 ounce legal limit and I want to grow some primo stuff. I need to find a medical collective that wants it for sick people. I’m still just smoking the hash off my fingers from trimming it.




We are probably not too far apart wnc here


Sounds like. Used to do the motor cycle run to Cherokee N.C


200 Euros in Amsterdam
£560 in the deep west of the UK…


“Back in the day” one could buy an once for $20-$40 dollars. We use to get a paper grocery sack full of home grown weed for $25. We use to call it headache weed because that’s about all you would get with it…:joy:
Now weed is about the same as others on here, $10-$15 for 1g., $35-$40 for 3.5 g. Hopefully we will never buy again!!!


if you mean back in the mid 70’s in LA, well I made $150 a week driving a delivery truck, so $25 was a shed load of money…i don’t miss the DDT headaches though !

Grow Further and Farther !


In central Alaska, shops are still charging more than blackmarket prices. Blackmarket prices are 20/g, 45-50/8th, 275-320/zip, and 900-1100/qp.

Back in PA in the 90’s, we got that awful brick week for 5/g, 25/8th, 150/zip, and 350/qp.


what does 275-320/Zip mean ?

$25 per g. here in western wales,


A zip is an ounce


ah…it was a Z’ed when i was in the US in the 70’s…


no, i got it wrong it was a Z…as in score a Z of dusty Mexican pot / stems / seeds and split it 4 ways…times were harsh just like nowadays.


That’s the same place I live