What Are The Chances?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“What are the chances of a mixpack with Northern Lights?”

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What are you specifically asking, kinda hard to follow

think they want new mix packs, like the Fruity mix pack,platinum mix pack, etc, but with Northern Lights in it. The only option in a mix pack with Northern Lights is the Auto mix pack…

That being said, I myself would love to see an ALL Indica mix pack…


I wrote ILGM an email a few months back about getting custom mix packs or changing out one of the strains in a mix pack. They responded and with a nice email and said they did not have that available at that time.
I have thought about it a few times since then. It would be cool to list the available strains for mix packs and let people create their own mix pack of 2 or 3 flavors, It would even be worth a small up charge to have a “Create your own combo or trio”, kind of like restaurants do in their menus. I personally think that a nice mix pack would be Bubble Gum, Super Skunk and Northern Lights. I wonder what others thoughts are on the subject.


I am looking to place my first order with ILGM and I am undecided still on what to get cuz I want one in this pack, one in that pack etc… LOL customization mixed packs I think would be groovy :slight_smile:


I love your icon @zerosyce


Thank you ktreez420! It is my favorite cartoon to watch. The Angry Beavers. It is great mindless entertainment for when you choose to relax in a green and happy way. :evergreen_tree::relaxed:


norbert and dagget for prez!

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I agree BIGE! And i see your icon, Woodsy the owl. I here by promise to give a hoot and not pollute. Plants and Humans need healthy environments to thrive and live!