What are the best and easiest ways to increase bud density on an indoor grow?

I’m still very new to growing but learning alot. I have a bag of Promix BX that I tried for sprouting seedlings. It seems to hold water too well. Can it compact too much and suffocate the seedlings and if so, can I just add extra perlite for drainage. I water the soil place the seed and just spray when it sprouts but haven’t had great results. Am I just over watering when I plant the seed?

If you think you are overwatering, then you probably are. Seedlings need very little water. A clear dome misted twice a day will do it. If you do water, then a couple ml of water is enough. Don’t water again until the soil is almost dried out.

To address your thread title - sufficient light and sufficient nutes are the 2 biggest factors.


I would also add to be experienced enough to know when it’s time to harvest.