What are the benefits of certain Microbes & how to apply?

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Today I have a few questions that he whom reads this may be able assist with.
I am wanting to add worm wee, bokashi compost tea & also mammoth P to my current run-to-waste system but I am concerned my nutrients may neutralise the beneficial bacteria’s they carry? I currently use the whole house & garden range, with the additive of Advanced Nutrients ‘bud candy’.
& I was also wondering if anyone knows exactly how the worm tea, bokashi tea & mammoth P will benefit my garden & the effects they have?


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Well, we are happy that you came here. and we have the best community and youll see that for your self,

And I got just the thing you you to.
Now you gota read, but boy it’s all there, I know cause I but it there. If you need anything just tag me ok.
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Hope this helps and I have alot of tea recipes also

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Thankyou very much for your swift response.

Sorry I forgot to mention in my post that I’m using a 50/50 mixture of Coco / Perlite as my medium.

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You should be covered. iF you for what ever reason it’s not. Ill have it in my file and will hook you up. For coco

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