What are some methods for training during flower?

Im in my 3rd week of flower and my branches are growing very vertical and close together not allowing light to penetrate. Is there something i can do to separate them? Can i trim in flower? Any help is welcome.


Until the plant hardens off in flower you can supercrop, tie down, remove fans (do very sparingly) etc. After hardening off, tie down LST is about your only option.

That said; your plant looks fine and you don’t need to do anything. Here’s one I harvested last week:

As you can see it’s far denser than the plant in question.


Ok ty ill just leave it, someone on another one my post made a comment and got me worried lol.


You’re good for airflow. Yours looks a lot like my amnesia did. One thing you may need is a way to support those long buds once they stack up. I used a scrog frame to support in late flower.


You can do like I mentioned to you before. tie plant ties to branches and pull them down and out from center. Tie to side of pot