What are nubes ? To feed or not to feed?

Miracle grow powder I assume is chemical fertilizer, should it be added to miracle grow top soil for feeding? It is high in nitrogen followed by phosphorus.

I’m trying to learn indoor growing.
Have grown sense back in the late 70s and early 80s outdoors and I’d great ,but a grow tent is completely different experience for me .

I’m gonna make an effort to share some photos.

Make sure its not “timed released”


Surely it would say on the package if it’s time released. I hope so anyway.
It won’t be but a couple weeks till I need phosphorus instead of ammonia but have to locate and purchase the right product. Any suggestions?

Wont need much phosphorus/potassium till flower then the plants NPK needs flip and start dropping nitrogen.

My problem is that I was fixing to go 12 - 12 nut now I think I need to doctor my plants a little while they still in vegetative growth. Yellowing on the bottom.

Throw some picture up so we can see what going on! I wanna see!!!

I’m worried about my plants they looked great yesterday but terrible this morning. Gonna keep trying my best .

Think I can save this grow? Or have I let go too long ?

Honestly, your plants are looking limp. How often do you water and how much? I am growing outdoors, nute free. Everything my girls need is in the soil I started last year after my grows. You need to test your PH level going and and coming out. You also need to get a PPM meter to check nute level in soil. Dollar to donuts your PH is off and your plant can’t uptake avail nutrients.

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I have grown beautiful sense outdoors a long time ago ,but this is my first time in a grow tent.
Where can I buy something to check ph and how much does it cost ? Any suggestions on name brand and quality.

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If you are using Miracle Grow time release soil I don’t know if I would add more nutrients just yet as you could be feeding too much . I like the Apera PH20 for testing the PH . General Hydroponics is the nutrients I started with .