What are Mycos?


Good video explaining what they are and how to benefit by using them




Amazing! Thanks for posting this SD!
Most appreciated. This is my first grow trying out microbes, and living soil is the best way to grow. My buddy doing hydro lost 30 plants due to an unknown contaminate.
At least with soil growing you can make up for small mistakes. Been growing since 2015, so
probably 5 or 6 from seed grows, and 3 to 4 clone grows. Now I clone my good plants and give to my sick friends, family, and our extended network.

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Glad I could help @Ozzimotosan1 and welcome to the living side of things…lol
Takes some getting used to but in the end is less $ less time and easier all around and better tasting.


Okay to use Mycos during flowering stage? I’m finishing week three, so I have time.
I just got some on Amazon after watching the full video. Amazing!


It won’t hurt anything but not sure what your grow medium is.
If it’s soil it could help if your soil is living…ie not using chemical nutrients. Applying mychorrizae spores to the soil takes time for them to develop and grow to form a relationship with the plants roots and other critters in a living soil.
If your not in soil I don’t have any idea if using it will benefit you.

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Enzymes are also something to consider adding to your soil.
Thanks for the info @Skydiver, I’m ordering some live mycos and running some experiments! I’m always open to suggestions and willing to test things out! I start with sterilized bagged soil and I’m sure this will give it the booster shot it needs!

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Here is some info about enzymes.
From what I am learning they will be there if you have a diverse biological group of live critters in your soil. Bacteria, fungi and so on.
So if you provide your soil with theses than the enzymes will also be part of the living system.
Again if you decide to use chemical nutrients you will kill the life in the soil and the living system breaks down and dies.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding enzymes @Shatter as I hadn’t looked specifically into this branch of the tree of life relating to living soil and the living creatures like us and pretty much everything in the world in general.

Hope this helps and HAGD


@Skydiver, yes! I mix my own chemical compounds from raw ingredients, I add enzymes to compensate the missing components in soil, I also add silica powder. I do both hydro and amended soil for outdoors, can’t wait to try adding mycos, I’m a believer in both hydro and soil, each has its advantages and I’m always looking to improve.

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That’s awesome @Shatter
Yep many roads to the finish.
Not sure if you’ve looked through some posts I made on mychorrizae

I will look further into enzymes.
What is it that you add to your mixes? For soil?
Inquiring minds want to know…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Skydiver, I use Fulvic Acid, (hodroponic) to my understanding it’s nano sized humis poo. https://www.kelp4less.com/shop/fulvic-acid/

I’m certain it can be used in soil if added to water, it takes very little, too much can cause problems.

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I use Pro Mix potting soil, already has pearlite in it, I add 1/3 Spagnum Peat Moss.
That the grow medium I use. I put two inches of Happy Frog Soil Conditioner on the top of the soil. How long are we looking at for the Mycos to start developing? And what is the best way to apply it?

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My guess with anything nano sized it’s best to introduce it deluded in water.


@Ozzimotosan1 your pro mix dont have the mycos in it already?? Both kinds of pro mix I use both have mycos in them already


Mine is SunGro Professional Growing Mix. Doesn’t say anything about Mycos, and doesn’t even say anywhere on the bag about the pearlite.