What are my plants boys or girls

I have 4 plants left after I had to destroy one of my plants because it was a boy

Just want to see if these two are males also

Now the two below are they girls

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Top one looks like a boy imo. Hard to tell from pics off other two. I’m sure more will comment shortly.

first looks like a boy.

BUT without focused and well lit pics i wont bet on any of it.

They get pretty blurry when I zoom in, but I agree that the first one is male, second one I’m 99% sure it’s male, third one I believe I can see women hairs, last one I can’t even guess on

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First two pictures nice plants but I’m sorry it’s a male. I’m with @MeEasy last two pictures looks to be female. I would throw up another picture on the last one focus in a little better.

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This is one

Here is the second one

Sorry here’s the second one

I can’t see the pics @Hotstuffmom they didn’t load

Yeah a better pic would help but my first thought was the top two original pics look male… need better pics.


Updated picture

Second one