What are my options?

Hi everyone, greetings, newbie here, looking for best option for starting my small 5-10 seed garden.

I live South of France and I take care of property =small cottage and terrain with garden etc…(almost as a secondary residence), (60 miles from my apartment), I can’t be there all the time, so greenhouse is out of question :cry:.
(I want to grow (regular) Durban Poison)

The property is in a small village, on edge of woods, woods are not dense, but not enough direct sunlight for 6-8 hpd.
What I was thinking is to go into the woods and find a good abandoned clearing/spot and plant there, I can come once a week to water and check on plants…
Is that my best option? What about pests etc? Is once a week enough to check and water the plants?
What do you think? Is this type of plantation doable?
Thanks for any tips and advice
PS I think I have probably missed this season?

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I did an outdoor grow last year and I only checked on it once a week, sometimes every other week. If you plant directly in the ground, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about feed and water, mother nature should take care of it


Thank you for replying,
yes directly into ground and I will probably bring some good soil and nutrients and prepare the ground if necessary.

Be careful about what type of soil is in your area, and make sure to start in some potting soil for a healthy start. I’m growing some outdoors now but I’ve got mine in a 10 gallon mesh pot with potting soil and good dirt mixed sir it in your spot and the roots can borrow into the soil thru the bottom of the pot! Mother nature will take over the more she matures that way. Just the way I do it tho, I’ll post a pic of mine to let you see the results after 1 month. Hope it helps! Good luck

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Thanks, looking good.

I’m also thinking growing just one plant (or max 2) on my roof, I can get up there easy, it’s private and no helicopters or prying eyes :eyes:

Will see, thanks for your tip, appreciated.

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U might b better off digging a hole and putting a 15 gal fabric pot with good soil so u don’t have to worry about feeding. Most soil does not have what MJ needs but the sun is absolute best. Good luck


Just be careful if your going in ground with 5-10 seeds make sure you have room they can get 10+ feet tall and yield 2+ pounds per plant take up a lot of room and the smell that they can put off don’t want peepers