What are my leaves telling me

Hi everyone cut these leaves off today, LST last week all these leaves where under where I bent over all looked great last week then like this so cut them off. I have a garden with squash, pumpkins, peppers etc when the have bad leaves I take them off is that the right them to do with this plants ?
Plants are GSCX auto from IGMA 5 weeks old


I don’t know about you, but I feel better that you removed them. Nice looking plants…


Hi everyone this happened in 3 days. HOLLY CRAP any tips advise. 5 weeks old autos FFOF FF cocco locco like 70/30 first grow I have fed NO Nutes just ph water. Have no pen just the kit never watered enough to test run off what can I do, thanks everyone

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Ok you have a few things going on right now.

1 your plants are overwatered which is a common mistake that sounds pretty harness but it not. When you overwater you drown the roots starving them of oxygen and really open yourself up to molds and fungus knats.

2 your soil is organic so until those good organic get used up you should be getting much runoff. Your washing away all the good stuff that you pay extra for so now your plant is hungry.

The way to fix this is to stop overwatering, have a wet to dry cycle , shouldn’t always be damp. When your plants are happy the leaves will be pointed up (praying). Don’t water until you see those leaves drop about half way down. It far better to underwater than overwater.

Hope you find this useful, happy growing :v:

Thank u so much, it happened so fast. And my whole plants went from strong and perky to just blah. Thanks again

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@Eli @Graysin sorry to tag but wanted to get y’all opinion. They looked so good a few days ago ?


If you’re at 5 weeks in FFOF, your plants have likely used up what’s in the soil. It’s time to get a TDS/ppm meter if you don’t have one. You can either water til you get 20% runoff to collect a sample of what the nutrients and PH of the soil are - or you can do a soil slurry sample (Google it, there’s loads of how-to’s that will do a better job than I will at explaining it). You need to know what your PPMs are before you can properly diagnose.

Have I mentioned phosphorus for flowering supplementation yet? Because you might be there, too.

Brother - I am also pretty new and dont want to give you the wrong info but kind of looks like overwatering (leaves curling down) might also need add nitrogen as the leaves look yellow but not burnt. You aren’t adding Notes but didnt you say in the other thread that your medium had “Kind Soil” on the bottom as well? I might be confused thought I had some yellow leaves and fixed by less watering and less Nutes.

Would wait for some experts to confirm although seems like less watering and adding Nitrogen.

FYI - I got a bag of “Real Growers Recharge” today from the local store as recommended in the other forum. Will try it tomorrow in my watering and let you know how it goes. Says on the bag that no concern of nute burning when adding and supposed help a lot - if you do have “Kind Soil” on bottom, seems like the perfect time to add the “Recharge” at this point - although this has nothing to do with your yellow leaves

I found this page informative, might help - What Cannabis Leaves Can Tell You - RQS Blog

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Thanks y’all did slurry test to best of my ability I don’t have a pen just the up down hydro kit tested all 3 the 2 worse ones came back red meaning very acid the 1 that not that bad came back more yellow then red closer to 6-7 range, should I flush going to look for re charge now thanks

@Kingkupa I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but without you getting a meter to read your total dissolved solids, we can only take stabs in the dark.

How much and often do you water? How often do you make sure the roots are good and soaked?

Ok so i have re-charge for soil on order, also I water every 3 days when soil would be dry and they get 2 cups a plant, water is ph and air rated for at least 24-48 hrs, didn’t think that was too much, never had any run off, How can I be over watering if I never get run off? IDK thought it was going ok tell BANG crap, Also talked to my guy at local shop didn’t tell me the name brand but when get paid picking up a ph pen and a ppm reader both come with warranty guy said get both under 100$ and if any problem will help set up and calibrate sounds like a good deal ? Maybe

Sorry know that was a lot please help help thanks

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If they’re Apera or BlueLab, go for it. There’s a third brand around here but I can’t ever remember the name. I have seen combo meters between $100 and $140 so it doesn’t sound impossible by any stretch. Honestly you need a PPM meter badly enough a $5 Amazon piece of junk would do for a week or two.

Also if you are never watering to runoff, then you can actually be allowing “spent” nutrients to build up, particularly salt, and that will affect absorption rates and PH. I’d recommend watering to runoff (if you put 4 cups in, you want to get approx 1 cup out - just a little under, technically, since you’re looking for 20% runoff) to get the salt buildup gone. Afterward, wait until the soil is dry dry. Like stick your finger 2 inches deep and it’s dry type dry.

Thank u will get pens Fridays , but on watering do I to need to do some type flush, I water 2 cups nothing ever comes out should I just pour like 2-3 gallons of water through them tell they start to leak ? Using 5 gallon pots, please correct if wrong to proper flush I would use 3x the pot size, would need 15 gallons ?

@Kingkupa your plants already seem like they need more nutrients, not less. I wouldn’t flush unless you plan to feed after the flush.

To water to runoff, get a specific amount - maybe 1/2 gallon to start given the size of your pots. Add water slowly, and let it trickle down and out the bottom.

If you give 1/2 gallon, you’ll be looking for about 12 ounces of run-off. If 1/2 gallon doesn’t produce any run off, move up to 1 gallon (then you’ll be looking for about 26 ounces of runoff). Once you water to runoff once, you’ll have a better sense of what it’ll take for the remainder of your plants.

I’m using a 10gal fabric pot and it takes about 1.5gal to get 20% runoff for my plant.

Thanks again 1 more ? Already have recharge for soil on order, so flush with 1/2 gallon then I want to test my run off ph and ppm right. Then would want to add the recharge after that or wait until next time I feed/water, I honestly feel bad man not trying to annoy any one but truly thankful for everyone’s help and this forum

This is the best answer. You’ll want to feed with the last bit of your watering.

After you’ve watered to runoff once, you’ll better be able to assess how much water you need. For example if you need 1/2 gallon to get 20% runoff, then you’ll want to water with plain water for the first 1/4 gallon and then use your nuted water for the second 1/4 gallon. Remember these are hypothetical numbers, though, and not necessarily accurate to what your plant is going to need.

No annoyance here! This forum is for growers to learn and figure it out, ask all the questions you need. Trust me, I was too stubborn to ask the basic questions because I thought I should already know, or I should be able to figure it out on my own. It lead to some stunted little plants that by some miracle are still alive (okay, it’s not a miracle, it’s because everyone here continued to help even when I didn’t know I needed it) and going into flower.

Remember the only stupid question is the question you don’t ask. No one can impart knowledge if they think you already have it.

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