What are benefits for using colored lights?

Do i need to change the grow lights during flowering stage? Will i need blue or purple lights when the plants are in the flowering stage? What are benefits of using colored lights? I have colored lights mixed with white lights now.

What light do u have? Is it a full spectrum?

Yes, its full spectrum 1000 watts.

If you have color to throw at them it wouldnt hurt them. When growing your trying to creat the light spectrum so during diffrent time of your plants life it will perfer certain spectrums of light more for maximized yield.

What brand and model?? Most are steering away from the blurple lights and sticking to full spectrum quantum boards. HLG, Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro. More expensive, but they make some pretty quality lighting.


The only color worth adding to a full spectrum light is ultraviolet

FECiDA 2000W LED Grow Light Dimmable, UV IR Included Ideal Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light. It inexpensive through Amazon. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on my lights. It seems to be doing well but i have the light 36 inches from plants. Should i lower to 24 inches. Thanks!

Are those brand through Amazon.com?

Here’s what it states for that light

Use Guide

About the brightness for all stages if you don’t adjust the hanging height at 16"-18".

  • 20%-40% brightness for Seed Starting or Seedlings.
  • 40%-60% brightness for VEG or Growing.
  • 60%-100% brightness for Flower or Blooming.

About hanging height for all stages if you don’t adjust the brightness at 80%-100%.

  • 18"-20" for Seed Starting or Seedlings.
  • 16"-18" for VEG or Growing.
  • 14"-16" for Flower or Blooming.

At 260 watts it will probably not flower much more than a 2x4 area.

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I was going to adjust the height of the light and I have two lights. Thank you so much!