What and where is my light during Flower?

Ok Forum Friends. I have one more question, hopefully for a while. I have 5x5x7’ Tent with the ViVoSun VS4000 LED Light. I’ve got 6 plants in there. 2 Agent Orange. 2 Super Lemon Haze. 2 Orange Bud. I am about to flip them. When I do how far above should my light be and what % should it be on? Please. ViVoSun says 12-18" above. 12/12 light hours. 100% intensity. Does that sound about right? I am so afraid of burning them up again by having the light too close and too high intensity. Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts.


Get the free photone app. Set your light for the proper DLI for the stage your plant is in. You can google that.


Okie doke. Thanks for the info.

Photone app is great, few things though. If using an iPhone you will need to cut a 2 inch or so strip of paper and cover your front camera for an accurate reading. And you will want to pay the 5.99$ to get the led light spectrum for proper reading. Start flower around 600 ppfd and increase throughout up to 900-1000.

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Cool. Thanks a bunch Dude.

I also have 400W of Vivosun but in a 3x3 tent with 4 plants

I generally have them about 14" above the tops but that’s just me.


Awesome. See their site says 12-18" but I went by what they said when they were seedlings and burnt them up pretty badly. I will start at 14 or 16 then. That should be good, Yeah? What about the intensity? Thanks so much Dude.

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Oh! Those are absolutely gorgeous.

14" at 100% should be fine.
Seedlings are delicate but a healthy mature plant can take alot of light if environment is good :+1:

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720 watts at 100% in 4x6 about 16" away.
I use small lights for seedlings, no reason to power up the big one when any small light will do for seedlings :+1:
They will be fine, crank up the light and flip them ladys! :grin:

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Those are beauties for sure. 14 at 100% then. Ima do it tomorrow! I did some slurry tests just now and I have fresh bottles of this Flora Micro and Bloom and a new bag of Perlite. They are all good and thirsty, so tomorrow is their day. Yay Their Day!!!

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