What an I missing

@Hellraiser @dbrn32 I am at a loss as I thought it was a potassium deficiency or pH lockout but looking at his nutrition there is plenty, could use an expert eye. Fellow grower sent me theses pics with amplifying Information.

Soil pH 6.3
PPM’s 537
Air temp- 77
RH% 60%
Nutrition- FF Tiger Bloom & FF Big Bloom As prescribed by Fix Farm


Light burn??

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Just had this diagnosed as mag deficiency

Do you have epsom salts???

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@Audiofreak your pic isn’t mag deficient…

His more then likely is tho nice catch

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@PharmerBob @Audiofreak no Epsom salts but He has ca-mag, I’ll have him drop the big bloom and replace it with Cal-Mag ? This way he still has the Tiger bloom for P-K

I’d just add not drop

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If my pic isn’t mag deficiency, what is it???

I was recommended straight epsom no fragrance, no cal.

as an example.

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@BobbyDigital ck this out please

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Unless you caught it on one leaf and before any inter veinal chlorosis started to show it could be a huge number of things.

Distance of light too close to plant, pest , nutrients , ph, age of leaf, too much moisture in air, not enough moisture in air, poor genetics

I try not to sweat a few decaying leaves. They die they fall off nothing lives forever.

If I can keep her healthy enough to produce some decent product I’m happy.

@Audiofreak I do see some nicely painted tips on those girls tho, when did you ramp up nutrients?

Has it been consistent ramping or just a dose of booster?

Hey @retiredTHC,
How often and how much are you watering?
Overwatering will do that to the leaves.

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On mine it just popped up overnight. No necrosis, just the yellowing, has not progressed. Fed 1 gal with 1tbsp epsom yesterday morn. All runoff #'s have been steady ph/TDS. Till now a textbook grow. Using ffof and ff neuts full strength for several weeks with no issues. Also have doing the flushes as required. The tip burn showed up 1 week ago and hasn’t progressed as well.lighting at 20" (hlg 260xl.) A week or 2 from harvest.

@Audiofreak could be from flush, I don’t flush mine for duration of grow. Start- harvest

You could of stripped nutrients away they needed to bulk up with and they are showing signs of recovering from that

She has had great feed #'s in and out. Been feeding since just before flip (Aug 24th/flower on sept 6th.) Flushing was regular flushes with sledgehammer and followed up wit feed according to FF feed chart.

Yeah looks like a more advanced version of yours.

That’s what I thought.

This the whole girl, a few leaves affected across plant. All in all she look ok a couple weeks fro chop.