What amendments do I use

OK fellow grow I need to know what dry amendments do I use to top dress my 3 gallon pots of auto flower plants I started them and fox farm Ocean forest what do I need for flowering

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If in Ocean Forest you won’t need to feed for 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant. Nutrients should be managed to a proper PPM of ~1,000. Get yourself a PPM meter and manage nutes to a runoff PPM target of 1,000 PPM.

Be sure to use a nutrient line that is balanced for cannabis.


Top dressing is slow release I thought. I did not know you can check ppm on it

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I use Happy Frog dry amendments.

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They normally are slow release, but if the plants dont need it, they dont need it.

What kind of dry amendments are u planning on using?

How old are the plants? And do you have any pictures?

I use dry amendments, but they are immediately available.

Edit: I didnt even answer the question!!

I use BuildASoil stuff now. Jacks 123 is another good one tho, but you mix it into water. It comes dry and the efficiently cheap.

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I used Dr Earth bloom girl for flower.

But I was not in ocean forest soil.

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I have also used a dry amendment called langbeinite. It is a potassium, magnesium sulfate mineral.

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Down to earth have great products like kelp meal ,crab meal ,bat guano ,sea bird guano, alfalfa meal these are all great dry amendments u just have to look at the npk rating for wat stage u need it for for flowering u want something that is low in nitrogen but higher in potassium and phosphorus but u still want a nitrogen rating of 2% or a little higher

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