What am i supposed to do with this?

Hello this plant is 40 days old :sweat_smile:
Its my first time doing this and im not sure why this plant is so short and tiny, but it could be many reasons as i pretty much experimented with home made nutrients and equipment while in quarantine, it was also a bag seed. I have my tent now and just properly started an amnesia and AK so i think i ll continue experimenting with this one.
Should i take off those old dying leaves? it looks like i fixed the problem since new growth looks so much better in the last nodes.
Also, what should i do with all this new growth that comes out between nodes? Theres no room!
I also, topped it, more likely fimed it as i can see a third stem coming out between the 2 new ones.
@Covertgrower @dbrn32 Please tag anyone you think can help guys.

Just let it ride.


go with the flow and let it grow :rainbow:

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Thanks guys, I was just wondering how it will be able to absorb light if those two new nodes stay so short as the rest of the plant. If they don’t stretch it will completely cover everything underneath and im not sure how or if it will flower later. Maybe topping was a mistake since everything is so close to each other.

I’m not sure what kind of guidance you are looking for? You could maybe manipulate plant growth with lighting, what kind of light are you using?


use mirrors :sunglasses:

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I was just wondering if i should trim all those leaves underneath since they weren’t getting any light. I trimmed it last night and i ll be tying down the new branches once they are stronger. I am using an Optic 1 XL COB 100w.

They’re doing good.

How big is the pot?? Very small for 40 day old plant

Pot is really small yes, must be something like 0.5 gallon pot. It was my very first plant so i kinda messed up transplanting, i thought i shouldn’t go from a solo cup to a 7 gl pot so i transplanted in that one and now i ll have to transplant again to a larger one. I am just waiting for the 2 new tops to grow a little stronger. Im not sure if it will do more harm than good, but i’m pretty much just experimenting and learning, thats the reason its so small for a 40 day plant.

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I get ya lol I’ve done that in my first three this time round just chucked them in 1.5 gallon pots lol only found out after wards that Cos they’re autos they shouldn’t be transplanted so kinda just got to ride it out now and keep an eye out for root bound :laughing:

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sorry for the late reply bro. Its a bag seed, can it be auto? Its like 2.5 months old and it doesn’t show signs of flowering either. I can’t even tell if its a female, its super slow growing lol! :joy:

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Where do you keep this plant?

What’s the light schedule?

If it’s a bag seed I think the only way it can be an auto is if the plant it was grown from was an auto, like passed the gene down I think lol so photos will give photo seeds and autos will give auto seeds, I think anyway just a semi educated guess :laughing:

It takes male pollen and female flowers to breed seeds; The male could be an autoflower and the female could be sensitive to the prolonged dark period. The offspring of such a pairing would be a mixture of autoflowering and photoperiod seeds.

Even if both parents are autoflowering plants, the offspring aren’t guaranteed to be autos; stabilizing a trait takes generations.

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Ahhh right I get ya

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Hey man, this is in a 1.3x1.3x4 tent under an optic cob 100w. Its on 18:6 since it was born

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Thanks. And when you say it’s “bag seed,” obviously it was found in flowers, but do you know what state the flowers were grown in? Was it from a legal dispensary, and do you know who grew it?

I’ve found seeds in medical dispensary flowers, so nothing surprises me. Making consistently great seeds is hard to do when you’re trying, and it’s unlikely to happen accidentally. I can elaborate on this if you’re interested.

Assuming that you aren’t causing the dwarf stature,that plant looks like it’s really struggling. But maybe that’s something you want to keep around. If you’re a curious person, it can be fun to try and cross two plants and lock down one trait. In this case, it’d be the dwarfism in what appears to be a photoperiod plant.