What am I looking at?

I’m always checking my plant and this caught my attention tonight. Is this any sort of a hint referring to the sex of the plant? I know the two stipules but this is new to me

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Photoperiod? Think you would need to have flipped to have sex start showing. Not sure haven’t grown one yet.

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Photo period plants can show sex prior to being flipped to 12/12. Veg stage is when I separate most of my males and females. Occasionally I’ll have some stubborn ones that won’t show until 12/12 but it’s very few


That’s cool, thnx for that. Does the OP’s plant show any signs of sexing?

From the pics I can’t see anything that would identify the sex. Not the best pics for sexing. Need a good shot of where the branches meet the stem


Do any of these help?

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The last pic is where you want to look for signs of pistols or balls. In that particular picture it’s not showing either. Keep your eye on it. How old is the plant?

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Though not a 100% accurate method, when the stipules are long and skinny and crossed like that last photo it’s a good sign it’s a female. Male stipules would be less likely to cross (but sometimes they do) and they appear fatter and more ‘leaf-like’ sometimes. Like I said: not 100% accurate but a hint at good things to come.

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Hey guys sorry for the late response! Plant is about 4 weeks old and strong! Due to height issues we are starting pre flower but this is where we are at. She’s been pruned and is ready to show what she’s got going into this