What am I doing wrong

From a fellow grower:

i was just wondering if theres anything i might be doing wrong , here is my blueberry kush plants its about 2 weeks old i did not put my seed in any water i just planted i have not been over watering it , i check every 3 days to see if the soil is dry is so i use a spay bottle & i also give it 6 hours of light & 6 hours of dark but im also worried about the light i have , it is a inside light no to bright like is supposed to be but since I’ve been using it my plant it growing but i dont think its growing how its supposed too . so if you can please help me it would mean alot (:

2 questions and a comment for you.

  1. How many watts and what type of light.
  2. How far away from the plant top is the light?

My comment for you is that your planter looks to be quite big for that small seedling. I started one of my seeds straight in a 3 gallon planter and it was slow going for the longest time. Better to smart in a solo cup until it gets a developed root system then transplant to a larger container.

I have always started mine in the bucket I am going to end in an I haven’t had this problem an 6/6 light to dark don’t sound like would be good at all try going 24/0

Are you bouncing 6/6 twice a day this only adds up to 12/12 and you are far from having a plant ready for flowering light schedule?

Yes, I don’t understand why you are using 6 hours of light and 6 of dark, this won’t do well for the plant at all.

And absolutely the type of light might not be good enough, the seedling does look to be stretching way too much, this could be from the light cycle as well as the light not being intense enough.