What am I doing wrong?

Question from a fellow grower:

I’ve been growing auto flowering strains about a year now and two problems that keep reoccurring are lost of smell when drying , taste and buds keep coming out fluffy and not hard dense buds Im using 300w cfls equivalent to 600w also 150w cfl indoor growing but quality of bud is good give nice buzz.

If mine come out good smoke I don’t care about smell an a question for u what type of auto’s u grow I’m growing white widow auto’s from ilgm.com an have a few questions for u if u don’t mind butaybe it’s got to do with the way u dry it I’m not sure but if u don’t mind can u give me some advice on growing auto’s I just want to yeild as much per plant an need someone that grows them to help

My 1st thought for both of you is: Be aware that light intensity is a BIG key to larger yields, and tighter, denser buddage. There is nothing that can outweigh the light penetration of a 600-1000 watt HID lamp.

When I 1st started I bought a 250 watt hps, and a 400 watt high bay MH. They did the job, but did not cover much grow space. I tried CFL’s like you have, but the light penetration is moderate at best.

I have also found that if you do not have intense lights, and you have above average RH; Your buds will be airy, and lack density.

My lamp collection includes.
1 1000w HID-Hortilux 147,000 lumens
1 1000w MH Sunmaster Gold, 100,000 + lumens?
1 600w dim’ digital switchable, with air cooled hood
1 400 dim’ digital switchable with batwing
1 250w diamond self contained hps for side lighting.
1 2’ 4 tube T5 for seedlings

Invest in Light intensity, and work from there. You will get more bang for the buck and a faster return on your investment.

So if I had a 1000 watt hps plus my two 400watt hps in my 5foot by 5foot by 79 inches tent I would grow more bud in less time should I mix mh an hps blubs or what is best