What am I doing wrong?😢


Hello, this is my first time growing. Something that started off an accident turned into growing but I’m finding myself running into major pest eating at my plant especially at the top. A part of my plant broke at the top on one as you can see, but I cant pick all the bugs off… Any advice


Neem oil maybe


Any particular brand?


Think any will work. I’ve never used it before, I just see where a lot of people either use it or recommend it. Sorry not a big help


Need oil works but what pest are they there are many ways to help get rid of them if you can mabe get a close up shot of the pest and we can see best option for you also support ticket try to fill it out so we can have more info to help you with


I’ve been reading that Monterey spinosad is great for really bad infestations too.


Ilgm has a really great line of products for pest control as well I believe.


If you choose to go with neem oil, and your infestation is severe, use the neem oil every night for 3-4 nights. After you get the infestation under control, go back to using it twice a week. It’s completely organic so you don’t have to worry about harming the plant if you do this. I just had a pretty bad infestation of leaf hoppers that wouldn’t go away until I did this. Leaf hoppers are not the worst pest to have but they do feed on the leaves and are a hard one to get rid of. I use neem myself. Plus I have some organicide I use from time to time.


Thnx for all the advice😢 really appreciate it


Agree with @HornHead use Neem. Where I am down under it even contains an additive that attracts benfical insects.


I hope these are close enough for you all to see my issue better.


These are what I use. I just use the oil normally ever 10 days and use both if infesation occurs. These also have no withholding period and are designated as food safe.


I bought these today, GOOD or BAD?


Not sure never used them. From your photos have you seen the pests exactly? It is hard for me to see without glasses but what is your humidity like, as it could be the start or essentially the end of bud rot in that…

Can you place a upclose pic of the pests?


When I saw that pic up close, the first thing I thought was bud rot too.


Both those products you chose are great for pests however.


@Mudcrab01 I picked off 3 caterpillars today then sprayed it down with both solutions. I saw real little black spots on some leaves as well. A few of them I cut off thinking it may infect the rest. Again first time growing and I’m in the Inland Empire so the heat is there I would say about 90° and I give her about a gallon and a half every other day


How do I fix it or is it too much damage?:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:.


Neem works great as a repellent. To kill the eggs (probably the little black spots) make a 4:1 solution of h20 & rubbing alcohol, then thoroughly spray the plant every other day for a week+.


That’s when I use both products above.