What am I doing wrong with my plant?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Perhaps you can help me out. I germinated this seedling about a week ago in a Jiffy peat pellet. Once it broke the surface, I planted the pellet in this small clay pot that you can see in the attachment. The spindly seedling started shooting upwards and is in danger of falling over. This happened to me last year with a couple of seeds I germinated.

What am I doing wrong? Should I be replanting the peat pellet deeper in the pot? Can I do that at this point? Is the lighting wrong? Help!

First, you need more light, so either move the light down, or add more light. Second, it looks like she’s quite wet, so you might be overwatering. When you transplant it you can indeed bury that long stem in the soil and it will grow roots. For now, I suggest you support the seedling with something like a twig, or a straw so she doesn’t topple over.


Your light is too far away. What type of light are you using? When a seed pops; You should place it 1-2" below a T5 or other fluorescent lamp. Your issue is that with the light being so far away; The seedling is stretching to get more light. :slight_smile:


Are you dropping your seeds in a cup of water to germinate ?

Thanks folks for your suggestions. I realize now that it’s closer to the light (it’s a 21" 20W daylight fluorescent), the seedling has stabilized and isn’t stretching anymore. I germinated this one in a Jiffy pellet like the ones you can see in the background.