What am I doing wrong other than too much water?

Fox Farms soil is fixed at 6.5, perfect for the plant, but requires 6.5 water to maintain it or it will change

How can I lower the pH in my water organically. Add vinegar?

I have to look that up…I am not a fan of that kind of pH fix…

again, it only gets worse…

Store bought pH up and pH down are best, they have buffers that help the solution work.

Let me look it up…


Ok thank you

this link covers organic up and down, baking soda and vinegar

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Update : my soil pH 7. I water with ph 5 water
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but what comes out?

Should I water it and see?

If soil ph is 7 and you add ph of 5 you should get run off around 6 in theory? since goal is 6.5 you may want to start with water around 5.8 or flush to try and lower soil ph some

And if you transplanted just a day ago you’re not gonna see any difference for at least a week maybe a few days once we figure out the deficiency it is she’ll bounce back

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7.5pH came out

Ok great I thought you said yesterday to wait 2 days.

Well now that it’s been watered and give it two days before you water again and I would pH 6.0 I would not want to go less than that because you will end up shocking your plan and causing another issue possibly it looks like it needs some Cal mag possibly a calcium deficiency

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This is something that you cannot fix overnight give it a few days When you water again pH 6.0 check your run off that leaf will not get better it will end up dying and falling off more worried about the rest of the plant now Will get you fixed up


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