What am i doing wrong? Help!

I have three CBD Auto-Flower Compassion Lime seedlings growing indoors in soil. The seedlings are on day 10 and 9 since they popped from the soil. Yesterday, the first set of leaves on last of the girls to pop, showed browning on the edges and they are now curling inward. See images below. I’m new to auto-flowering plants and want to know what I could be doing wrong.

Full details:

3 x CBD auto Compassion Lime from Dutch Passion Seed Company
Grown Indoors
Each in a 5 gallon fabric pot
Seeds popped on the 8th and 9th June
Soil: recommended by specialist outlet
Fed only water which has been left standing overnight to get rid of chlorine and pH corrected to between 6.2 and 6.5
Light: 2x Kosheal 600w led grow lights and 5 x 24w CFl daylight lamps
Temperature: varies between 19 and 26 degrees Celsius
Humidity: Low 60s with lights off, mid 40s - low 50s with lights on
Nutrients: None added yet - not sure when to start.

Which specific soil brand and type? Twisty leaves like that is often either pH problems or nutrient overload (or both.)


Hi MidwestGuy
Thanks for your reply.

The soil I used is Plagron Light mix which, according to their specs, is a mix of the very best, carefully selected types of peat. The addition of various types of fibre and perlite result in an aerated and oxygenated substrate, a level found only in a quality Plagron potting soil. Only a minimal amount of nutrients have been added to Plagron Light mix.

I am no expert by any means but I am pretty sure the grow guide on here says not to use led light until they are 8-10" tall. Maybe this doesn’t apply to auto flowering but just food for thought.

That medium looks awfully moist how often and how much are you watering

As long as the light is full spectrum you can use it beginning to end. Not all LED lights are the same even when they are sold as full spectrum. It’s cheaper to run a simple CFL bulb during the first couple weeks but most LED’s have a dimmer now, so you can reduce the intensity during early stages then increase as plant goes through the various growth stages. With mine for example you can start at 25% power 12-18 inches away from plants or full power at 18-24 inches until flower, flower is full power at 12-18 inches away. Welcome to the community Mr J.


@stinkers those leaves is genetic , it’s an indica dominant hybrid , so in veg you will get more if the indica structure growing like tight , tight node spacing , strong powerful penetrating lights can also help keep node spacing super tight , but in bloom phase it can or will stretch to 48-72 inches are considerably plus :heavy_plus_sign: , you just don’t know with most hybrids until they have stop stretching . I’ll inform and advise you like I have for tears to anyone asking?
If you ever ever ever ever ever , grow ILGM blueberry strain genetics , top , top , top twice, top and trellis , super crop and all thee above cause it will not stop stretching in flower, even when it’s finished , it still stretches , they will literally grow out your life if you don’t control them as best you can . Not just what either , I’ve waited for at least 8 plus years before I made this confession, but I bragged on my Lil raggedy skills and thought I could pull it off , Amnesia Haze , Blueberry auto and a White Rhino and the Haze and Blueberry gave me the run of a life time over all , but I think I flowered those plants 16 weeks total & the last 6 weeks was on 10/14 and the last two after I had enough of the stretching and burning colas from stretching into the lights and bleaching , big fat beautiful purple looking ish buds , super sticky and oh woo , it was some great smoke, I had colas big as air freshener cans and I could have continue to feed those plants seem like but even on 8/16 they still stretched a quarter inch so after harvesting all the main colas due to 3 or 4 was bleach burned, I think it was still 339 grams which was in a 2x2x5 crazy.


Once again Yoshi nailed it!!! Genetics other than that they look fine👍 autos do some strange shit!!!

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If any thing to much light???

One on left 13 days . right 8 days… Light dim 60% till week 3 then I max it out.

Single is 8 days both are Gelato auto​:yum::seedling::fire:

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Stinkers, it could be to much watering or to much nutes in the soil, out of curiosity how much water are you putting on that little plant because what I have experienced not even a coffee cup of water for the first few days So the plants get adjusted to the soil and water with the grow light at 35%.

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Hey OldSkool, not added any nutes yet but I did raise the lights and the growth now appears very healthy. I am just watering in a small circle around the plants like @Smalls’ photos show.

Hey Smalls, good call, I think I had the lights too close.


Glad everything is doing better!! When you can send pics.

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