What am I doing wrong for clones?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

This really hits me hard as I have tried at least two hundred times to create clones and have been unable to get more than one or two to root. ITS KILLING ME. Most all did not work once and nothing works twice.
I’ve always used your seeds and have had no success. gonna try regular seeds - hence the order
and the durbin poison looks awesome
I’ve tried a half dozen methods and not one worked better than others, actually not at all.
5.8 ph solutions, air, spraying, hydro, soil, super soil, rockwool, cloning collars,
Using Cree cxb 3590 leds and growth is rich for everything else. Turned them down to 1/4 power for the clones and no dice.
the humidity is typically 35-50 % but I have used multiple tents, domes, and now using buckets with super soil covered with clear cellophane.
Have used humidity controllers to keep humidity at 70-80 percent (using ultrasonic atomizers - misters)
rooting compounds, gels, powers.
lastly tried low sulfur organic molasses and cinnamon in 5 gallon buckets, super soil, covered with clear plastic and sealed with tape around the edges to keep the moisture in. Got about 18 clones in their from gold leaf fems. at a constant 82F. Been sealed under cree leds for 4 days and it did not look promising two days ago. Under 18/6 led lights about 6 ft away. sprayed them down with water before sealing

Are you trying to cure autoflowers? Also for clones ro take root, you need to keep humidity levels at a consistent 75-85% or they will not be able to get water. They take up water through their leaves, since they have no roots.

. Here is a picture of several Gold Leaf clones that are in the FFOF.
All I did was cut 6-8 inch stems from my Mother, trim the leafs. cut an angel on the stocks, heavy dip in Clonex, planted them in Fox Farm Ocean Forrest. All four had roots in 7-10 days. Then I transplanted them. They take a little longer to flower when there clones. These would not flower until the lights were 18 off/ 6 on.