What about these leaves

Hello all
Like the pics show leaves yellowing getting brown spots in middle. Not a problem ive had before

5 gal pots
Ff ocean forest
About 3 weeks ago

Any help is appreciated


She is hungry and u have a calcium def and maybe a magnesium def some cal/mag will take care of those two deficiencies the ocean Forest only has enough fertilizer in it to last three to four weeks i would say ur plant has used all the nutrients in ur soil so u will have to feed it

Lower leaves will yellow and fall off as the plant matures.

What is your runoff PPM? The plant isn’t all that big and doubt that she needs additional nutes at this point. FF Ocean Forest is pretty hot and will last 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant without adding nutes. Monitoring PPM is the best way to determine when to feed.


I would agree with @Aussie_autos on the calcium and magnesium deficiency. I would say nitrogen as well. Before Feeding I would take a run off sample to check TDS and PH :love_you_gesture:

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I’m in agreement with the nitrogen deficiency
The entire plant has that lime green tinge to it

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Damn Brother, long time! Good to see ya back on and helping. We need the insect guru :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you man appreciate you so much …it’s great to be back and able to have peace of mind finally.
Looking forward to some good conversation and just having a grow family to rely on !!!
Thanks for the kind words about the insect guru …haha I wish …just a determined to work with nature outdoor grower !!


Right on Brother, had to shut my grow down for awhile until I can find a cabinet. The moved house a few months ago and the new spot has nosy neighbors :love_you_gesture:

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I believe the up to 6 weeks is not correct when dealing with Fox Farm soils. I just completed the 2nd grow in the same soil. Take a look for yourself. The last one broke surface on Nov 11th and I pulled in late March to early April.

This beast donkey punches you right out of the gate. I have a high tolerance to even morphine and this beast rocks my world. Purps #1.

This is the 2nd grow. Both grows I used nutrients for 1 day only. The above photo was fed once in late Dec 2021.

I have found that Indicas may or may not deplete the nutrients for the first grow cycle. Both plants was Indica dominant. I have enough in there for a 3rd Indica dominant plant.

Now if you have a massive Indica it could deplete all the nutrients and I mean at least 5 to 8 feet tall.

Now my Sativas do tap all the nutrients by the 6th week. I have been using Fox Farms soils and nutrients since Day 1. My 4th Anniversary of using FF is coming up real fast. May 2018 to current FF only.

Agree that plant size has a lot to do with nutrient absorption.


Yeah im used to bottom leaves turning its ones higher up i worry about and the overall liggt greenness

Iwas guessing cal mag for the spots. I will use and check ppm. Thought i had another week or two before using nutes in the ocean forest

Thanks to all and we ll see what happens

Hey Everyone, I noticed this on one of the big fan leave of my blueberry auto today. I tried to do a little research and it looks to me like she may have a phosphorus def based on what I read. It is only on that one leaf but I am new and want to get on top of this before it gets out of hand.

I am growing in a medium of about 80% ffhf and 20% perlite/coco mix. I am using Bergmans fertilizer and feeding with just under 1/2 veg nutes. Im a few days into my 5th week since planting in soil watering with tap water that had a ph around 6. Any help is much appreciated

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Nothing that I see to worry about, maybe a little leaf variegation :love_you_gesture: