What about tap water


Can I use tap water in my RDWC system. Getting tired of toting water 100 yards in 5 gallon buckets


Is it well water or city water?


You will have to test the pH and ppm before anyone can give you a answer… :wink:
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Like @peachfuzz said - it depends on your tap water. Check the PPM and PH of your tap water. If you have city water go to your city Web site and find a water quality report. They usually post them online.


Most places it’s probably okay. Very few water districts are going to supply water that’s toxic to plants! You may have to fix the pH, and you may have to use calmag if your water doesn’t have enough. I used Colorado River water and it has plenty of calcium and magnesium. The pH is fine if you use soil with peat moss. It’s worth investigating.

Next grow is with coco, so I will have to fiddle with the pH a bit.


It is county water. I will check the ph and ppm today. Been using creek water. I’m doing RDWC. My first time, I used tap water and got some type of slime on my roots.


Creek water ppm=37 ph 6.0
Tap water ppm= 48 ph 6.7

My main concern is chlorine killing good bacteria


I do not know about the answer, but I know you can let the water sit out for a day or so to allow for chlorine evap.


Using creek water. First attempt at scrog. Switched lights 2 weeks ago


Looks good :deciduous_tree:


My tap water ppm is almost 700. All you have to do with chlorine is let it evaporate. What advice do you have for me?


I have found hard water nutrients but it takes alot of checking ppm and ph levels so I decided to go get good water


Check your local water district report and find out what those PPM are. If they are mostly calcium and magnesium, it’s no big deal. Just don’t add any calmag or epsom salt. If it’s something bad for plants, you could always use RO water. If you do use the tap water, then that is your baseline. If you want to measure N, P, and K you need to see how much higher they make the PPM.


@Fever… What type of advise would you like? I can tell you right off, Don’t bet on slow horses or fast women