What about 2nd harvest? & cloning autoflowers?

ive seen a place or two that talked about harvesting the same plant twice in its lifecycle. does this apply to autoflowering plants, or only photo plants?

either way, how does one go about getting 2 harvests from the same plant?

cloning plants- ok, i know photo plants can be cloned. but what about autoflowers? also, all clones would mature to become female plants since the mother was female, right?

TIA for responses and questions answered

If you do a search, auto flowers have been cloned, but the clones will continue in the same phase as the adult. So it’s doesn’t work.

Some people harvest the top flowers and wait while the lowers mature more.
It’s not worth the time to allow a stump to come back to life. But you could.

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alright, good to know, thanks!

but what about 2nd harvest?

As @Covertgrower said, you can harvest the plant twice as in harvesting upper bud sights while allowing lower sites to mature more, then harvest the lower buds. i .e. 2nd harvest.
The other would be, trimming all buds off the plant, flipping lights back to 18/6, and getting the stump to reveg. I’m a newb, but those are the only ways I know to “2nd harvest”

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oh ok, gotcha. i thought the latter half of that statement had something to do with cloning. i need sleep, ive been up for 24 hours already… doesnt seem like a 2nd harvest to me, more like finishing the same job on another day. i was under the impression all the buds get harvested, then they grow back after awhile, for a true 2nd harvest.

forgive me, this is my first grow, i know very little about what im doing. people talk about things on these forums without explaining. i downloaded bergman’s grow bible earlier… i will read it after ive had sleep… then maybe i can stop posting dumb questions out of curiosity

but what he was saying was… technically, you could totally harvest an autoflower plant, and it will eventually grow new buds? how long would it take? you mean a literal stump, as in the whole plant gets cut down?

I’ve no idea how long it would take, I’m only 6 weeks into my 2nd grow. And I’m not sure reveging will work on an autoflower or not.
I agree, it’s hard to follow along when you’re not up to speed, almost feels like being the new guy at work lol. But always ask questions, this a great group of knowledgeable, friendly people

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There was a member that revegged a stump of an auto flower. It took almost 5-6 months. But a leaf finally came out. If you have the time. No more updates on the zombie stump after that though. Not saying it’s not possible.


No. Autos typically don’t work like that.

Other plants can be revegged because they’re photosensitive, so darkness can be used to control things. With autos, no revegging because you cannot control the plant with light/dark cycles to get them to reveg.

If you want to clone and reveg, don’t do autos.


A leaf on a stump after 6 months is not successful revegging, in my book. :joy:


It’s definitely not time friendly, but it did come back to life. Lol.
I would prefer to just to start over.

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I imagine that plant would not ever regrow to veg, because it’s technically still in bloom at harvest, right? It might grow a leaf, but do you think it would ever regrow completely and start a whole new grow cycle?

Honestly, I have no idea, it’s possible? But definitely not advisable on a time frame if you’re in a hurry. Much better suggestion is to start a new plant LOL.

Interesting on an experiment level and that’s about it. I wouldn’t expect much from the plant.

Well, since a clone doesn’t reveg, per se, I don’t think a stalk would revert back any more than a clone. That’s my thought, anyway.

I bet somewhere out there, someone has tried it and documented it. :grinning:

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I seen someone harvest and set an auto in the corner and it started vegging quickly forgot who it was…

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Growing cannabis is a cool hobby. People come up with new ways to do it all the time. But autos are genetically designed to flower fast and git er dun! By the time you start a new auto and finish it, even a photo re vegged will just be getting started. To speak generally, the only real reason to reveg a plant, in my opinion, is to take cuttings from it to secure the genetics. Beyond that, I see it as a waste of time. That said, because autos cannot be cloned with fresh veg in the forcast it seems pointless to do it, unless you simply want to satisfy a curiosity.

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