What a strange grow its been

it started with pooching the sprouting. with four plants all ww auto there is eight days in between oldest to youngest. one plant is different . the third youngest always had yellow tips since the primary leaves sprouted,as seen in the close up. also a paler green than the others. six weeks into the grow,the youngest plant decided to start to flower so its only five weeks old.next the others started flower at about seven weeks. not yellow tip! three weeks later still nothing. changed light hours to twelve ,seen buds in couple days. so why the yellow tips . as seen in the second photo a mush bigger plant,even a different shape. so now I get a stretched harvest.


Different pheno types, genetics are diverse in all living things even cannabis.
A plant is bred to similar stable genetics but our lack of genetic knowledge is present because we still can not fix genetics to be 100% the same all the time.

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thanks for the reply. makes sense,looks to be missing ruderails gene. wont be growing autos anymore,to unpredictable for me

Aww don’t say that!
Autos are amazing you just need to grow from a true autoflower breeder like fastbuds

Fastbuds is a good seed suppier ? Ive been using high supplies and Canadian super autos

did not know about diffrent quality autos. still controlling the light cycle is not an big deal,and I have never grown non autos just for the sake of doing it.

Fast buds is a auto only grower so their genetics are stable and yes they are a pretty good auto breeder.
Mephisto is considered the best so I hear right now but very hard to get as they sell out all the time within minutes of launching seeds.

Lots of places sell stable autos though
Dutch passion
Monster genetics
Short stuff seeds
Sensi seeds
Seedsman house genetics

Not everyone focuses so much on autos and I prefer to stick with well known auto breeders but sometimes the strain hunt turns you to new seed breeders.
I’m going to be trying Buddha seeds because want to grow auto purple kush

I can see chasing different strains,when I have more grows under my belt. already have a wish list

Yeah that’s fair, I think the effect of the genetics is the most important part.
Growing big yielding, Intresting colored, and high calyx to leaf ratio plants are nice but it’s more about getting the exact smoke effects I want.
If I was a shady drug dealer ide just grow 2 photos, an indica and a sativa, the most potent high yeikding strain I could find.

with ya on that,looking to explore strains and harvest skills