What a good deal

Happy Sunday everyone. As usual, I am thinking about my week past and seeing what I did well and where I fell short. It is a practice for me although I’m not consistent with it. I think that my life is full of inconsistency and the fact of that has never served me well. I am a all or nothing type and my problem is just that. When I do things, I want perfection and not simple progress. I do not think anybody can be perfect at anything. When I try to be perfect at one thing I will surely fail. When this happens, I choose not to try again because of the known outcome. My best option is to just get a little better at everything. This I can manage and have success at though it is a constant ongoing project. I’ve heard that true success is not doing 1 thing 100 percent better but instead doing 100 things 1 percent better. For myself that is surely obtainable, and when I can obtain a goal, thought little as it may be, I well up with satisfied living and it brings me peace. I try to make this a principle to carry out in all of my affairs. I almost tried to perfect a cannibis plant to death. It was good that I did this as a reminder that I can’t control anything but only do the best I can and let the chips fall where they may. Thank you all and especially to the folks on here that have not only inspired me, but also to the ones who have become annonamous friends. You know who you are.
Please check your PH levels. Except one friend that says they do not. I’ve seen their plants. You know who you are and you do anything you like.:grinning:

P. S. You can get a better outcome if you don’t try so hard. That’s just a note to self. Try, but don’t stop and be easy on yourself.



I think that, that say’s it all for all of us here at ILGM thumb


Hey @Laurap, I’ve been missing you.

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Been here all along. Im following your grow :smile:

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@Happy_Pappy Good morning! Wonder who that is? Getting ready to go outside waiting till the thermometer says 60. It was 92 yesterday and will be another warm one today. Interesting day yesterday was. Wonder what is in store for today? Whatever it is I’ll find some amusement in it I am sure! Happy Earth Day! Thank your girls for giving you a second chance!


Thanks sweetie.

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Ones kind of bad but I started another.

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