What a dumb move...... please please help


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Dr.DankThumb420 @BIGE @raustin I am so mad at myself right now. And I really need help. So as I’ve said before I am new to the indoor grow. That being said this still takes the cake for dumb things to do. I started what I thought was a photo in a small ceramic pot. So today I went to transplant it and the bottom half of the dirt got stuck and ripped my roots to shit. I am soooo mad. But it gets better. I noticed that it has bud sites starting. It had to be mixed up with my other seeds and had to be an auto to be trying to flower under 24/7 lights. Oh please tell me I can save this poor girl. Do u think using rooting hormone would be ok? I am so upset


Hmm, it will probably survive, these plants are really pretty tough. If it’s an auto, I’m not sure how she’ll do. I would leave her alone and allow her to recover. You probably only ripped some finer roots on the bottom. Is the root ball intact? I’m not sure about using the rooting hormone on a flowering plant. Best to wait and see what a few experts have to say.


Yes it was the finer roots but it was a lot of them, root ball in tact. Does it look to u like it started flowering under 24/7 lights?


Oh no. I’m sorry this has happened. I really feel your frustration. It’ll be okay.


Yes, she’s flowering. I would give here a little rest from the light too. Stressed plants do better with some darkness. It might be a good idea to switch to an 18/6 or 12/12 schedule.


Try not to worry, accidents happen. She might just recover fine.


I put my nyc Diesel on a 12/12 starting tonight so I know autos don’t need it but I put her in with her friend. I sure hope it’s ok. Looks like a baby to me to be flowering already. I guess indoor autos are small? Thanks for the suggestion. I hope she recovers I’m so bummed. Still wondering about the root hormone. Can’t find anyone who was dumb enough to plant an auto into a small ceramic pot to see what they did. Oh well


Just chalk it up as a lesson learned. If she survives, great, but if you happen to lose her… it happens to all of us. Don’t feel bad, she knows you didn’t mean it. :slight_smile:


I bet you’ll never do that again. Great lesson to learn though. It helps all of us to hear and see that. I hope it pulls through. You also may have and awesome end too. Please keep us posted on it.


She’ll likely survive,. I’ve had that happen and it can slow them way down, but they made it. And that’s why I don’t use ceramic or clay pots!


Nor will I ever again. I immediately got on line and ordered air pots. But now she looks sad. Just turned the lights on this morning and there’s obvious damage I just hope she recovers. U can tell how weak she is I have to lean her against another pot to stand up. Should I take off any of the leaves that look like the limp one?


Yes sir I found the same thing . Tried not spending more than absolutely necessary and used the wifes ceramic pots and the roots had to be cut from the side because they wouldnt release. Just took a blade and slid it up against the side and spin the pot . The bottom is gonna het pulled just hope not the tap . For root health get some Azos it makes rootballs grow very fast . And autos will bloom in whatever light you decide on leaving them in . Some never do put the autos in 12 12 and say light is enery and the more the better since they bloom on their own. Good luck


Give her support, like a stake. I’d leave the leaves alone as the plant uses the content of the leaf for food. Water her carefully, support with a stake and be patient.


@Loneviking @Oldstoner Thanks for the suggestions. I gave her a good old backscratcher. Maybe she will feel pampered enough to pull thru. BTW I’m a ma’am not a sir. Just sayin lol.


I notice in this new pic the stem is turning purple from the bottom up. Uh oh


She actually doesn’t look that bad at all. She’s just in shock, but I think she’ll perk up in a day or two. Try to leave her alone and don’t take any leaves off.


I will do exactly that. I have her off to the side of the lights as well so she isn’t in darkness but has no direct light. I will keep u updated as to how well she does. Thanks everyone


Ok so it’s been a stress free 24 hours and she still only has 1 limp stem. And the stem doesn’t look as purple any more. But for sure stopped flowering


She looks great. I’m surprised she bounced back so quickly. I would go ahead and give her more light now. Just move her directly under the light rather than off to the side. I think she’s going to make a full recovery. :slight_smile:


Everyone here told me not to remove leaves so I really didn’t want to but the leaf that was limp I noticed was broken and it didn’t break at a node so it was an open wound. I had to remove it and tape it off so it wouldn’t keep using energy trying to repair it. :crossed_fingers:t2: