Its got that curly leaf tips happening.


I’m unsure , have you been feeding it?


I couldn’t get any bloom nutes until a couple days ago so i was giving it small amounts of what i was using for veg. Going to give it a feed every 2 days and see how it looks. The other MKU is ok.


How is all your strains smelling? My blue dream only has a lil scent aswell as mkultra but gg is so strong and sticky


That’s exactly how i find it. The BD is really starting to come along(flowering).


Good to hear yours are the same


Plant got an air embolism… if you had sprayed with water and coated with honey , you might have saved her… lesson learned… :wink:
I hate to see that… but now you know… :wink:



Yeah as they say shit happens. If i hadn’t of tipped it it would have been fine. The problem is that V that’s created towards the base when the plant divides into two. Given the strong winds i get here i wont be doing that again. Other 2 non tipped plants held up fine in 65+kmph winds, not too straight anymore but still in one piece. :+1::eyes:


Hey hows ya BD going ?
Mine has pretty much caught upto the GG’s in bud size, still a bit lacking in buds on one side of the plant. I suspect thats related to amount of sun its getting on that side and not light polution at night.


This is gg.

And this is bd.


For future if you had the v shape again you could always put a string,rope between them so they would be holding each other up


I use big cages to hold up all of that weight outside… :grin:
Big old tittes require support… :wink:
Live and learn… just hate to see it happen to a fellow cultivator… :wink:


Their both looking good, another 4 weeks or so & you will be smoking some good bud. Been smoking the small bud from the half that broke on the GG, doesn’t taste the best yet but has a good kick for its age.

BD. Was later flowering but is catching up quickly.

GG. Really smells this morning.:nose:

MKU. That deficiency i asked you about looks to be a lack of phosphorus.


I was going to get some concrete reinforcing mesh to make a full cage but $$$ has been tight lately. Would certainly have made it easier to tie up branches & provide protection from the elements. Will have it next season thats for sure.


Are you going to split the stem closer to harvest? I’m going to practise on my mku clone this year and thinking of doing a two stage harvest on the bigger ones then split the stem just before the second and final harvest


Yes i was planning to. Never done it before but keen to try it out, going to wait until the last week.
I see the ILGM seed shop has some new strains. Id love to be able to buy a couple of seeds from all the fem strains, maybe ILGM should sell a mixpack with 2-3 seeds from every strain.


@Kiwiknight @Hungrybud @Ausgrow
Choof WEED not GLUE.

One of our locals enjoying himself in a nearby scummy area.
That must be some good glue. Lol


What are the new strains? Does it say on the site new strains available?


I had a look but couldn’t ring anything new since gelato


I thought they would be in seed shop but i couldn’t see them just before. Came across this one earlier this morning on the site.
Just found this now.
I assumed they were new strains in the shop but i think now i could be wrong.