What a challenge this is!






@roost1 looking good!


They look great to me :+1:


Nice job!!


Well done! Looking healthy now. Enjoy! :smiley:


Fantastic work dude, looks awesome! :+1: :smile:


Plants finally went into their new pots yesterday. Delay 2 weeks because e-bull seller sent me pots that were like bed sheets. I let him know and he decided to send the ones he advertised.



3 gal pot was clear full and I had to cut the roots loose from the fabric with a filet knife.
I ran the knife right around the edge of the pot and she came right out. I put some fresh FFOF in the bottom and around the sides.
I added a sample of rooting solution and very light nute and they seem pretty happy today.


During the repotting process It seems I broke my second ph tester.
I’m thinking I need one with a replaceable sensor.


Anyone have any experience with this one?


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I haven’t used that one, but I use the BlueLab soil probe which is also a glass bulb type pH meter. The one you posted doesn’t claim that it’s to be used on soils (at least not at a cursory glance), but the questions section says that some people do use it for that purpose.


I have the PH20 model and I love it. It is has a very good design, the calibration instructions are easy to follow, the case and packaging are excellent. All around I was very happy with the purchase. 5-stars


Ya, don’t store it in distilled water lol.


That’s a good unit. The replacement probes are like $35.


I like that one too but the way my luck has been that would be another fifty down the drain.