What a challenge this is!


Mine did the same thing, a few days ago. Had the first long night,in flower.
I chalked it up to fast growth. It has since turned the same as the rest of the plant

I see a few of yours have darker veins,mine didn’t. So wait for further feedback :sunglasses:


The top leaves are kind of hard and dry.


Have they had a growth spurt?
May have grow into the lights?


I fimmed some tops last week. They were slow to recover and the rest hardly grew at all.


Ok let’s get some others opinion
But can you go ahead and copy paste a support ticket , and fill it out


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ILGM White Widow feminized
8 full weeks in veg
3 gal fabric pots w FFOF
PH is inconsistent because I’m using deionized H20
Indoor 24 x 48 x 72
Miezhi 600w 280 draw 20" from top
85 - 65 degrees 60% RH


Looks like heat stress on the wilting and fast growth for the yellowing. Try to get your temps down to 75 with lights on.


I don’t think its heat. It’s cooler now than it has been all winter.

The light might have been close but I moved it down this AM.


Well, the yellowing is almost certainly from fast growth. If it were a cal mag issue you’d be seeing it on the oldest growth, not the newest. Have you changed anything recently?


No. Just LST.


Looks like this happened after they recovered from the LST though?


Any one care to look at these photos I took today and give me an opinion?
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Looks like burn through from liquid on the leaves.




I’m out of likes, but I would have to agree with @Myfriendis410. Could maybe be something else, but that’s what it looks like when you get a few random drops of water on some leaves while lights are on.


Over watering/over feeding? Try to not get drops of nutes on the leaves and only allow water drops on leaves during dark period.


I never used any nutes on these plants and never got any water on the leaves.
I take them out of the tent and set them on my bench then water with a long spout watering can.
I also have trimmed the lower leaves so I can see what’s going on under there.

I have ascertained that this was a cal mag deficiency due to the fact that I use deionized water and did not realize they needed it. I have since given them the prescribed dosage of cal mag and they have recovered very nicely.

I am going to repot them today and see how they respond, then hopefully flip the lights next weekend.

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday. Thanks for looking.

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