What a challenge this is!


I may try to just run it into the attic without the filter and see what happens. If my mother smells it I’ll have to put on a filter. I’m still in veg so I keep the tent open most of the time for cooling. When I switch to flower I’m going to need to vent the heat out the top anyway.


It’s been a week since I fimmed these, and they seem to have recovered perfectly.
Hard to believe the number of new tops the fimming creates.






Whatever you’re doing, keep it up :+1:


awesome work @roost1


These plants are in 3 gallon pots. I want to transplant to 5 gallon.
I was planning 2 to 3 more weeks of veg. Any thoughts?
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I like to veg for 2 months with photos and I actually prefer 10 gallon for soil grows. If you have or want a shorter veg time then 3 gallon would work. It’s perfect for autos.


These are photos. Just wondering if transplanting now will slow the growth or speed it up.
Seems like the roots are getting bound but I won’t be able to tell till I take it out of the pot.


I would go ahead and get them in something bigger.
2 weeks is plenty of time for her to bounce back. :wink:
Go for it!!!


I’m of the opinion you should go bigger with the photos. Good healthy root systems make for good healthy plants and harvest.


Soon as they get here it will be done. They should come out of these pots easy.


Woke up this morning to some bright lime green tops. Cal-Mag Deficiency?
I can only tell when they are under the light. I gave them a shot of Epsom salt.
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@roost1 pic please


Gimmie a minute.